Unboxing May’s Illumicrate

It seems like its been ages since the last Illumicrate box, so when I got the shipping notification I was waiting in anticipation for it to arrive. After some of the suppliers were revealed, I was intrigued to see what sort of items would be featured in this box. Unboxing The first item was this… Continue reading Unboxing May’s Illumicrate


Unboxing May Fairyloot

The theme for May's Fairyloot was Warriors & Legends, and I was very excited to see what sort of items they would include in the box. I had really high hopes for this box, and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. All the items fitted the theme really well and I liked the… Continue reading Unboxing May Fairyloot


Unboxing April Fairyloot

The theme for April's Fairyloot was Dreams & Wishes, and I was very excited to see what sort of items they would include in the box. Before unboxing this box I did have an idea on the book that would be featured, but most of the other items were a surprise. Unboxing The first item… Continue reading Unboxing April Fairyloot


Unboxing February Fairyloot

The theme for February's Fairyloot was Emperors & Fugitives. I had no idea of what to expect in this box apart from it would feature a candle and a Funko product. Now having unboxed it all, I have to say I am pretty pleased with the items featured in this months box. __________________________________________________ Unboxing The… Continue reading Unboxing February Fairyloot


Unboxing January Fairyloot

The theme for January was Mystery & Mischief. I did guess what book was going to be featured in this box, the rest of the items were a complete surprise. I have to say that the Fairyloot team have completely out done themselves,Β because this box was amazing. __________________________________________________ Unboxing The first item was this Game… Continue reading Unboxing January Fairyloot


Unboxing December Fairyloot

The theme for December's Fairyloot box was Sci-Fi Adventure. This box had a range of different items and all that fitted in with this months theme. Unboxing   The first item in the box was this Stormtrooper Star Wars Funko Pop. I collect a lot of Funko Pops and in the past I have had… Continue reading Unboxing December Fairyloot


Unboxing November’s Illumicrate

I have been a subscriber to Illumicrate for a year now and I have to say all the boxes they have sent out have been amazing, and perfect for any book lover. With this being the fifth box I was a little worried that there would be some repeated items, but I was wrong. In… Continue reading Unboxing November’s Illumicrate


Unboxing November Fairyloot

The theme for November's Fairyloot was Royals and Rogues. I was really excited by this theme and I couldn't wait to see what was to be included. After unboxing it all I have to say it was one of the best subscription boxes I've had.   Unboxing The first item from the box was this… Continue reading Unboxing November Fairyloot


Unboxing October Fairyloot

This is my second box from Fairyloot and I will definitely be subscribing to more of their boxes. After loving July's Fairyloot box I decided to subscribe because the Steampunk theme for October sounded really interesting.   The artwork on the theme card is beautiful, I'm even contemplating framing it because its that nice to… Continue reading Unboxing October Fairyloot


Marvel Collector Corps August- Spider-man

I've decided to write a review on something other than books this week for a little change. This might not be a permeant thing, but I may do some more in the future if you would like me too. The Marvel Collector Corp box normally has one or two Funko Pop products with a comic,… Continue reading Marvel Collector Corps August- Spider-man